Zero Suit Samus and Sheik confirmed for Super Smash Bros. return


Within tonight’s Super Smash Bros. Direct, series creator Masahiro Sakurai explained that all characters that were able to change forms mid-match will no longer available to.

This threw up the immediate question as to whether Zero Suit Samus or Sheik would return as playable characters, although thankfully fears were short lived. Each are now confirmed as being standalone additions to the roster.

Zero Suit Samus finds herself now strengthened by being given her own pair of Jet Boots, granting kicks that combine power and speed. Whereas Sheik can employ two new techniques: Burst Grenade, small bombs that blow up when you pull the pin, and Bouncing Fish, an acrobatic kick that uses the heel of her foot.

Super Smash Bros. will release for 3DS in summer this year, with the Wii U version scheduled for winter.

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