Zen Studios Heap Praise On Ease In Developing For Nintendo Switch


Zen Studios has revealed that they have unannounced games in development for Nintendo Switch, strongly hinting that includes at least one pinball title.

Their comments came in a Reddit AMA, where the developer answered questions related to life in Budapest, releasing games on the Nintendo eShop, their favourite real pinball machines, and their most recent release, Infinite Minigolf.

The developer shared more on their experience with porting their games to Nintendo Switch, explaining that: “Nintendo has taken a big step ahead in the quality and accessibility of their development tools, and the system has really decent specs, so I would say it was never easier to develop for a Nintendo platform.”

In response to a separate question, Zen Studios added that if they were to release a pinball game on Nintendo Switch they would explore letting players choose to play in portrait mode – something that they have already implemented on mobile.

Infinite Minigolf is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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