Zelda Wii U eclipses PlayStation Experience’s social media chatter


Nintendo’s presence at The Game Awards 2014 last week managed to eclipse social media conversation surrounding Sony’s PlayStation Experience, VentureBeat reports.

That was largely driven by what the company shared to close Geoff Keighley’s games industry celebration, in showing off how development is progressing for The Legend of Zelda on Wii U. That was enough to set tongues wagging for the event’s two million-strong online audience, Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma introducing horse-riding and combat elements that they have implemented within the Wii U iteration.

Social media mentions of “Zelda” on Twitter reportedly peaked at around 39,000 tweets on Friday, while either “PSX” or “PlayStation Experience” fell slightly shorted in only securing 35,000 mentions. While a minor success, it demonstrates that Nintendo’s move to capitalise on The Game Awards was the right one, eclipsing the scale of conversation that Sony managed to generate for themselves over the weekend.

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  1. This particular editor is so unobjective it isn’t even tolerable. Every article this “journalist” writes that mentions any of Nintendo’s competitors is always so slanted, every single one comes across as an opinion piece. There are plenty of single brand oriented websites that still remain objective and are even critical of bad decisions or performances when their respective company screws the pooch. It adds a sense of legitimacy that articles like this are sorely lacking. Pretty shameful stuff. It might be time to remove Nintendo Insider from my news feed.

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