Ys Origin Coming To Nintendo Switch On October 1st

Ys Origin Logo

Dotemu and Nihon Falcom have confirmed a release date for Ys Origin on Nintendo Switch.

You will have the chance to join aspiring knight Yunica Tovah and mage Hugo Fact in their desperate search to find the Goddesses that have abandoned them.

Set 700 years before the events of Ys I and II, the land of Ys is on the brink of destruction. Humanity has fled a demon horde’s relentless pursuit, taking refuge in a sanctuary in the clouds. You must defeat the demonic forces lurking in an enormous tower before they can reach it.

To secure the world’s salvation, you can expect an “exciting blend of combo-focused, arcade-paced combat, platforming, and challenging puzzles,” with powerful loot to recover and secrets to unveil.

Ys Origin will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 1st October 2020.

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