Youtubers Life 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

Youtubers Life 2 Logo

Raiser Games and UPLAY Online have revealed that Youtubers Life 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

This will look to build upon the foundations that were laid in the original game, and will be “designed to simulate all areas of a content creator’s rise.”

You can expect more content options for Youtube videos (such as reviews, gameplays, speedruns, unboxings, interviews and more), subscriber and video statistics that directly react to a broadening of a creator’s content, and a new mechanic called Trends that will fluctuate daily and affect your popularity.

“The original Youtubers Life has been such a big success and continues to be to this day, but the kinds of things content creators are both doing and achieving now is monumentally different to the world we first looked to simulate back in 2016,” explains UPLAY Online project director and co-founder Quim Garrigós.

“We wanted that original premise to grow with the content creators themselves, which is why we’ve been working on expanding our offering significantly with Youtubers Life 2. There’s nobody else, operating in this space, nobody else simulating Youtubers either big or small, so we’re proud to stand as the go-to game for gamers looking to live out their content creating dreams.”

Raiser Games marketing director Sergio de Benito adds: “The original game enjoyed the exact same kind of virality the best content creators amass every day. In all, Youtubers Life videos have passed the 350,000 mark, generating more than 500 million views for more than 50,000 content creators. We think UPLAY Online’s plans for Youtubers Life 2 will enable the franchise to cement its position as the ultimate content creator simulator.”

Youtubers Life 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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