Youkai Watch 2 sales soar past 5 million copies in Japan


LEVEL-5 have excitedly announced this week that Youkai Watch 2 sales have surpassed five million copies in Japan, Gematsu reports.

That’s across all three versions – Ganso, Honke and Shinuchi – the most recent of which launched across the country last weekend. Ganso and Honke released exclusively for Nintendo 3DS back in July selling 1.3 million copies in just four days, while Shinuchi alone has been able to shift 1.2 million copies in two – presumably with the added benefit of Christmas approaching.

LEVEL-5 are preparing to develop the series further, and have asked that fans stay tuned for updates down the line. Although, CEO Akihiro Hino previously made clear that they intended to bring their smash hit to the west “in a big way.”

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