Youkai Watch 2 launch shipment has nearly sold out in Japan


We already know that Youkai Watch 2 has become LEVEL-5’s greatest success in their home territory, but now Japanese sales tracker Media Create have shed more light.

Opening launch weeks were slightly higher than Famitsu‘s estimates, with the 3DS exclusive having sold 1,316,707 copies – far outpacing the original which sits at more than 1,176,134 sales life-to-date.

The sequel was available in two versions – Honke (Head) and Ganso (Founder) – which respectively sold through 95.53 and 88.77 percent of their entire shipment to retailers. That leaves relatively little stock on store shelves, which is a concern if the company wish to maintain sales momentum – not that it would appear that demand will die down any time soon. Naturally, consumers can still turn to the Nintendo eShop to purchase either release digitally.

[Thanks Siliconera]

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