You Can Now Turn Your Joy-Con Into A Tennis Racket

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Tennis Racket

Cyber Gadget has announced that it will release a new peripheral to coincide with Mario Tennis Aces, helping to make your Joy-Con feel more like a tennis racket.

Whenever you want to use motion controls in Swing Mode, the Smash Racquet will let you slot your Joy-Con into the handle, which, the Japanese accessory manufacturer hopes, will make the experience feel all the more realistic.

The company has been busy making Nintendo Switch acccessories since the portable home console’s launch, whether that be a compact stand, Dock extension attachment, car charger, USB LAN adapter, cleaning cloth, silicon grip covers, cases, earphones, and even a pair of gaming glasses that cut out the blue light.

The Smash Racquet will release in Japan on June 22nd, priced at 1,382 yen.

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