You Can Now Transform Into Super Sonic In Sonic Forces


SEGA has released Super Sonic as free downloadable content for Sonic Forces on the Nintendo eShop, letting you blaze a trail through levels faster than Sonic ever could.

Once players have collected the right amount of rings, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic across more than 20 Modern and Classic Sonic stages – soon seeing him sprinting across them at break-neck speeds resulting from using the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds.

SEGA adds that when players choose to play as Super Sonic they will be unable to participate in any rankings, so you will have to practise elsewhere to hone your competitive edge and shave vital seconds from the clock with each run.

We were fairly disappointed with the blue blur’s adventure, writing in our Sonic Forces review: “It’s tough to believe that Sonic Team has managed to take the enjoyable gameplay blueprint of Sonic Generations and turn it into this clunky mess of a sequel – a lazily told story, poor level design, and gameplay that lacks any real excitement the biggest offenders here.

“Sonic Mania managed to steer the hedgehog back on track and it’s disheartening to see Sonic Forces potentially undo that so soon. The game isn’t unplayable like others have been in the past, but it’s certainly clear Sonic Team are capable of better. Much better.”

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