You can now link your Club Nintendo account and Nintendo Network ID


Nintendo of Europe has announced that users can now log in to their website either by using a Club Nintendo account or Nintendo Network ID once both are linked.

It’s certainly easy to do so, and will reward users with 750 Stars which they can then spend in the Stars Catalogue to bag themselves download codes, soundtrack CDs and more.

Nintendo has detailed the simple process as follows: “To link your Nintendo Network ID with your Club Nintendo account, simply log in with your Club Nintendo account as usual, and follow the instructions on-screen. If you don’t have a Nintendo Network ID, but you’d like to continue to receive news from Nintendo after September 30th, including info on the latest developments of the upcoming membership programme, you can choose to be kept updated instead!”

It is important to note that this promotion isn’t affected by anyone that has already linked their Nintendo eShop and Club Nintendo accounts. This is also necessary for those that wish to continue hearing about promotions and announcements after Club Nintendo shortly closes in late September.

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