You Can Now Equip The Luna Blaster Neo In Splatoon 2

splatoon 2 luna blaster neo image

Nintendo has added the Luna Blaster Neo to Splatoon 2, the latest weapon to be made available at Ammo Knights in the Galleria.

“The Luna Blaster Neo is basically just the Luna Blaster with a sweet sticker slapped on it. No reason to sugarcoat it. But this time around, it comes with Ink Mines, which are great at slowing down enemy movement!” Sheldon at Ammo Knights explains.

“The special is the Suction-Bomb Launcher, so get clever with the time delay on the explosion to splat your opponents. Recommended for players that have mastered the art of being clever while looking good!”

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

Splatoon 2 Luna Blaster Neo Screenshot 1

Splatoon 2 Luna Blaster Neo Screenshot 2

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