You Can Now Equip The L-3 Nozzlenose D In Splatoon 2


Nintendo has added the L-3 Nozzlenose D to Splatoon 2, the latest new weapon to be made available at Ammo Knights in the Galleria.

“The L-3 Nozzlenose D is a special model of the L-3 Nozzlenose with the maker’s logo emblazoned on it!” Sheldon at Ammo Knights exclaims.

“The two have the same stats, but this one pairs with Burst Bombs, letting you continually barrage your enemies!

“Easy to handle, the L-3 Nozzlenose is great for the aggressive player who wants to attack with precision and hit baddies with the Inkjet!”

Splatoon 2 is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.



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