You Can Now Collect 25th Anniversary Pokémon TCG Cards In McDonald’s Happy Meals

Pokémon 25th McDonald’s Happy Meal Photo

The Pokémon Company International has teamed up with McDonald’s to broaden the Pokémon 25th anniversary celebrations.

From today for a limited time, those in the United States that buy a McDonald’s Happy Meals will find a 25th Anniversary Special Edition McDonald’s booster pack of Pokémon Trading Card Game cards inside.

Each pack contains four exclusive cards, and you will have the chance to collect cards that star all 24 first partner Pokémon from each region in the Pokémon world as well as the brand’s electric mouse icon, Pikachu.

Each card has a standard and foil version, which are each decorated with the Pokémon 25th logo. That means there are 50 cards in the set to collect and trade with your friends.

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