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Yoshi’s Woolly World Update Summons Yarn Poochy amiibo Support

We now know how the Yarn Poochy amiibo will interact with Nintendo 3DS exclusive Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World. Nintendo has also revealed plans to release an update for the game’s Wi...


Nintendo explain lack of Pokémon amiibo patterns in Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World producer Takashi Tezuka has given a tepid reason as to why Pokémon amiibo in the Super Smash Bros. Collection don’t unlock costumes in the Wii U exclusive. With so man...


Yoshi’s Woolly World 3DS HOME Menu Theme set for August release

Nintendo will shortly engage in more cross-promotion, having shared plans to release a Yoshi’s Woolly World 3DS HOME Menu Theme in August. Th colourful theme sees a Green Yarn Yoshi appear on th...

Yoshi’s Woolly World makes UK chart debut in fourth place

At risk of being overshadowed by Batman: Arkham Knight, the irrepressibly adorable Yoshi’s Woolly World has gotten off to a “great start” in the UL according to Chart-Track. Warner B...


Watch as we take down the Final Boss in Yoshi’s Woolly World

It’s perhaps wise to begin with a spoiler warning, as I’m sure many of you won’t have reached Yoshi’s Woolly World‘s rousing ending yet. But, for those interested, weR...


See every amiibo pattern in Yoshi’s Woolly World!

We’ve known how Yoshi’s Woolly World puts your amiibo collection to use since May, but you may have been left wondering exactly what each pattern looks like. Well, as one of the lucky few ...


Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

Yoshi’s Woolly World is Nintendo’s most heartwarmingly-crafted adventure to date. When it had seemed that they weren’t quite sure how to move forward with the solo escapades of Mario...

9 Amazing

Yoshi’s Woolly World flutter jumps to North America on October 16th

Europe will be unravelling Yoshi’s Woolly World next week, but today’s Nintendo Digital Event shared when those across the pond can craft their own adventure. You can look forward to explo...

New Yoshi’s Woolly World trailer is full of fluff

If our own Yoshi’s Woolly World videos weren’t enough, Nintendo have shared a new trailer that they’ve simply labelled “It’s so fluffy!” We’re treated to thre...

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