Yoshio Sakamoto Denies That The Rhythm Heaven Series Is Dead


After a rumour had emerged that Nintendo no longer had plans to continue the Rhythm Heaven series, producer Yoshio Sakamoto has stepped in to deny the claim – explaining that they always “leave the door open.”

Destructoid had reported that the core team that had worked on the series “has more or less disbanded” and that late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was “a driving force behind the Rhythm Heaven series,” but, after his untimely passing, there is no one at the company that is pushing to develop the next game.

Now, in a broader interview at Gamescom 2017 about Metroid: Samus Returns, Eurogamer asked whether there was any truth to this.

“We generally don’t comment on those kind of rumours, but I don’t remember us ever saying it was over,” Sakamoto responded. “Generally speaking, if there’s an opportunity, a motivation, a need, we consider all opportunities and leave the door open. That’s all I can say.”

When asked if he would consider it to be dead, he replied: “No, it’s not dead.”

Nintendo 3DS exclusive Rhythm Heaven Megamix was the most recent addition to the series, a compilation that had plucked stages from Rhythm Tengoku on Game Boy Advance, Rhythm Heaven on Nintendo DS, and Rhythm Heaven Fever on Wii, as well as introducing new ones.

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