Yoshi Circuit returns in first Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack


Mario Kart: Double Dash!!’s Yoshi Circuit will make a triumphant return in Mario Kart 8’s first add-on content, as Nintendo continue to slowly detail what the pack contains.

November’s The Legend of Zelda X Mario Kart 8 pack promises to contain two new Cups, eight new courses, three new characters and four new vehicle choices, some of which have already been revealed.

Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link will join the character roster, while the Blue Falcon Kart, Tanooki Kart and B Dasher will be placed at all racers disposal.

The add-on content pack will be joined by the Animal Crossing X Mario Kart 8 pack in May 2015, priced at £7 individually or £11 when bought together at the same time.

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