Yooka-Laylee still destined for Wii U despite Nintendo NX news looming


Playtonic Games have reaffirmed their commitment to release Yooka-Laylee on Wii U, sharing that next year’s Nintendo NX reveal won’t impact their “current plans.”

Such comments came in the wake of announcing their partnership with Team17, which will see the independent British publisher assist with localisation, QA testing, certification and store management.

“Nintendo is not saying that much, it’s all still very secretive – I wish I knew more,” Playtonic’s managing director Gavin Price confessed to MCV.

“But there’s nothing said that impacts any of our current plans. There’s still plenty to look forward to with the Wii U, right now I don’t foresee anything impacting us delivering that version.”

Slightly Mad Studios recently announced that they had abandoned plans to port Project CARS to Wii U, and will instead await to see whether NX will provide more power under the hood for the developer to leverage.

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