Yo-kai Watch World Looks To Capture Pokémon GO Success

Yo-kai Watch World Advert

LEVEL-5 and GungHo Online Entertainment have announced Yo-kai Watch World, a location-based mobile game that will look to capture some of the unpredictable success that Pokémon GO has achieved.

The news comes after VIZ Media had leaked that the app was in development last April, and, unsurprisingly, will let players discover Yo-kai like Jibanyan and Komasan as they travel around in their daily lives.

Your aim is to complete your Yo-kai Encyclopedia, searching your surroundings for any unseen Yo-kai that have appeared nearby.

You must first battle and defeat them before you will have a chance to befriend them, and, much like Pokémon GO’s Lures, you can plant Yo-kai Trees to draw Yo-kai to a specific location.

There’s also the chance to use Yo-kai to inspirit other players, who, out on their own adventures, can reward you with items or new Yo-kai.

Yo-kai Watch World is now available for iOS and Android devices in Japan.

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