Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi & Tempura Announced In Japan


CoroCoro Comic may be promising a huge scoop on Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon next month, but the latest issue has had other news to share.

The magazine has shared that LEVEL-5’s Japanese phenomenon will continue with Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura, taking inspiration from scrumptious delicacies that are associated with the country.

Set to release as Nintendo 3DS exclusives, these iterations will draw inspiration from North America regardless of their chosen names. As to what that more widely means is unclear at this point, but more will be revealed in the months leading up to launch.

Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi and Yo-kai Watch 3: Tempura will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on July 16th.

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