Youkai Watch 2 debut trailer is absolutely ghoulish


LEVEL-5 have shared the debut trailer for Youkai Watch’s sequel, which will shortly see release across Japan in two versions, Youkai Watch 2: Founder and Yo-kai Watch 2: Head.

The sequel’s storyline will trace how the Youkai was created, the item allowing its wielder to see and communicate with nearby youkai. A time warp will come into play at some point, protagonist Keita find himself transported to a Showa-era version of Sakura New Town.

Players will enjoy the return of youkai Jibanyan and the 200 youkai that appeared within the first game, whilst new monsters based on Japanese folklore will make themselves known in the sequel – that includes the Rokurokubi and Kasa-obake.

Youkai Watch 2: Founder and Youkai Watch 2: Head will launch across Japan on July 10th.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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