XSEED to consider physical release for future Senran Kagura games


After Europe was treated to both a physical and digital release by Marvelous AQL, XSEED chose to only release the brawler through the Nintendo eShop.

The publisher, largely recognised for bringing Wii’s The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower stateside, has now stated that the game had “sold well enough” to consider localising other titles, as well as a retail release for them.

Responding to a question as to whether Senran Kagura Burst would ever see a limited physical release, a XSEED representative commented, “Unfortunately, no. Once a title is released as digital-only, we really can’t go back and make a physical version. Good news is that if a digital-only title is successful enough, it greatly helps the chances of a future iteration of that series getting a physical release”.

They then went on to say that they would consider a physical release for PS Vita’s Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus in another response, were they to publish it, as well as thanking those that bought Burst through the Nintendo eShop.

“A physical release wouldn’t be out of the question for [Shinovi Versus] if we did it, but unfortunately it’s too late for us to go back and redo Burst”, they explained.

“For all the people that supported Burst with an eShop purchase, we really appreciate it. The ‘no package no buy’ reasoning really doesn’t work because in this case the eShop release could be considered almost a ‘proof of concept’ where we prove to the retailers (and ourselves) that there’s a market for this series, which in turn gives us much more clout when trying to convince retailers to stock a physical release in the future because we have hard eShop sales numbers to prove it can sell”.

[Thanks Siliconera]

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