Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase takes us on a tour of Planet Mira


As promised, Nintendo of America broadcast what was presumably their first Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase last week, with the Wii U exclusive continuing to look to be an exceptional experience.

“If you’re watching this you’ve heard the call of a grand destiny, and you won’t be left wanting,” opens Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen before we’re propelled on an eight minute journey that explores humanity’s fight for survival, their safehaven New Los Angeles, and the scale of Planet Mira which they now inhabit.

The planet is divided into five separate landscapes: the rolling plains and cascading waterfalls of Primordia; Notcilum’s glowing plants and vast waters; Oblivia’s desert oasis and harsh terrain; Sylvalum’s dry tundra with deep canyons; and ancient architecture surrounding Cauldros.

We also see how the Wii U GamePad presents a useful Map System, the monsters that threaten to put an end to your continued exploration, and the warmongering Prone that don’t take too kindly to humanity’s presence on Mira.

Nav Ball’s will lead you toward the location of your chosen quest, whereas the Hopper Cam can be used to scope out your surrounding area. Skells closed the showcase, mechs capable of flight that will allow you to travel your surroundings with a greater sense of freedom.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release exclusively for Wii U in Japan on April 29th, and in Europe and North America later this year.

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