Xenoblade Chronicles X Update Version 1.0.2 Adds Spanish and French

xenoblade chronicles x screenshot 17

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been treated to a new software update, seeing the Wii U exclusive spruced up to version 1.0.2.

While this doesn’t introduce any gameplay tweaks to Monolith Soft’s open world epic, it adds Spanish and French subtitles which was certainly no small undertaking given the game’s extensive dialogue.

We enjoyed trekking across the Wii U exclusive, concluding in our review: “With Xenoblade Chronicles widely seen as Wii’s swansong, it surpassed every expectation of what could be achieved on the console. There are certainly strong parallels to observe in Xenoblade Chronicles X and, regardless of whatever the next year holds, it will be forever cherished as one of Wii U’s greats.”

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  1. Update are mostly for America’s version because of the Canada especially the Québec where I live (French ) and Mexico (Spanish) where English was just the language available

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