Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide details Classes, Soul Voice and Combat


Nintendo has continued their five-part Survival Guide series for Wii U exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The second episode talks viewers through the battle screen, which displays your party’s HP, buffs, Arts palette, morale level, equipped weaponry and more. Most of the information will be familiar to those that have tackled Xenoblade Chronicles (or Xenoblade Chronicles 3D), touching on auto-attacks, differing ability types of Arts, and receiving combat bonuses by taking into account secondary cooldown.

Soul Voice is also discussed, a mechanic where your party characters will call out to each other in battle for assistance. If achieved, combat bonuses will boost your attack power, critical hit chance, reduce cooldowns and others.

Nintendo also touch on Classes, which will see players unlock three Class chains when you reach rank 10 – Striker, Commando and Enforcer. These specialise in different aspects of battle, with Striker being described as a beginner-friendly chain that uses a balance of offensive and defensive Arts. Commando focuses on ranged Arts and applying damage-heightening buffs, whereas Enforcer provides combat support from a distance by deploying ranged Arts and bonuses.

Advanced Tactics are also discussed as well as Overdrive, which can be performed when you accrue 3000 tension points and greatly enhances your combat abilities.

Xenoblade Chronicles X releases exclusively for Wii U in Europe and North America on December 4th.

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