Xenoblade Chronicles closes Europe’s Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals


Nintendo of Europe has revealed the final selection in their daily Nintendo eShop Cyber Deals, which comes to a thunderous close.

That sees Kid Icarus Uprising and New Nintendo 3DS exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles 3D receive notable discounts, while Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles (through Wii U’s Virtual Console) similarly have their price point slashed.

These discounts will only be available until 10.59pm GMT (11.59pm CET), after which they will switch back to their original pricing.

Wii U
Bayonetta 2, Nintendo – £23.99 (€29.99)
Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo – £8.99 (€9.99)

Nintendo 3DS
Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo – £16.99 (€19.99)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, Nintendo – £23.99 (€26.99)

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