Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Register: Locations, Stones And More

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nopon Register Shillshill Screenshot

Early on in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 you will meet Shillshill at the Hillside Ferronis Hulk rest spot in the Aetia region, a conversation that will activate the Nopon Register standard quest.

Challenging you to location 19 Nopon caravans who are scattered throughout the entirety of Monolith Soft‘s Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG, it isn’t surprising when you are told that “you can take your time with this one.”

You will find most of these Nopon caravans from story progression and natural curiosity to explore your surroundings, but we have listed the locations for them below:

Nopon NameRegionLocation
ShillshillAetia Region, FullHillside Ferronis Hulk
KikinuFornis Region, FullBennel Cave Camp or Lake Rezzento Camp. Kikinu moves around the Fornis Region, so check any Rest Spot.
MiimoAetia Region, FullForward Post Camp
SheroloFornis Region, FullDesert Ferronis Hulk
MeemooFornis Region, FullLlyn Nyddwr Camp
TotutuFornis Region, FullSeilas Terrace Camp
RedredFornis Region, FullTableland Ferronis Hulk
ZokaPentelas Region, FullRuins of Seebu Camp
PapanaAetia Region, FullBattlescar Ferronis Hulk
AggroroPentelas Region, FullCascade Ferronis Hulk
LolokaPentelas Region, FullOld Way Camp
ParoroPentelas Region, FullEngardo Pass Camp
MemomemoPentelas Region, FullClifftop Ferronis Hulk
BitbitKeves Castle Region – Syra Hovering ReefsHovering Reef 2 Camp
DumdumCadensia Region, FullAtoll Ferronis Hulk
HazidaziCadensia Region, FullCorne Island Camp
TamtamCadensia Region, FullSandbar Ferronis Hulk
RuggyscruggyAgnus Castle RegionPrison Camp (After completing Lost Stones side quest) or Death’s Door
SelfifiCadensia Region, FullInlet Camp
MomamaAetia Region, UpperTsang Camp

Upon completion, Shillshill will explain to you that each stone’s purpose is to determine what relationship the caravan Nopon would have with humans, stating: “It good test for Nopon caravans on how to be friendly with humans. Shillshill test every so often. Red is keeping distance. Blue is status quo. Yellow is for harmony.”

There is a Nopon caravan that you will encounter who has lost their stones, therefore tasking you with recovering them to then be able to choose a colour yourself. I didn’t find that this choice particularly mattered. In the end, my results were six red stones, six yellow stones and seven blue stones, and Shillshill remarked that she hadn’t noticed any change in the relations between the Nopon caravans and humans.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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