Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cooking: Recipes, Meal Effects And Ingredients

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Manana can cook up a storm at any Rest Spot in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, or you can choose to spend money to order food at the many Colony Canteens. This is something that you will want to do throughout your time with Monolith Soft‘s latest sprawling JRPG on Nintendo Switch, as such meals can prove invaluable for your party’s growth.

Unsurprisingly, your recipe choices will be limited at the start of your adventure. Manana will come up with new recipes with broader status effects whenever you order a meal that your party has not eaten before at a Colony Canteen, so be sure to keep that in mind as you play.

The recipes that you will start to unlock each offer their own “Meal Effects,” which, to briefly explain, can boost the EXP, Class Points, gold and items that your party earn after defeating enemies in battle.

You can either choose to cook with ingredients or spend your Silver Nopon Coins. It doesn’t make a difference which way you choose to cook a meal, but you will find more than enough ingredients in the wild as you traverse your surroundings and topple the monsters that call the world home.

Remember that you can also scan three amiibo per day, from which you may receive a Collectible Set with ingredients which are needed for many of these recipes.

If you’re looking for more help with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we also have guides for hunting down the game’s Unique Monsters, the amiibo rewards that you can receive, how to approach Gem Crafting, and what carries over to New Game Plus.

List of Meal Effects in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

  • EXP Boost: Increases EXP gained when defeating enemies.
  • CP Boost: Increases Class Points (CP) gained when defeating enemies.
  • Enemy Gold Boost: Increases gold gained when defeating enemies.
  • Enemy Drop Boost: Increases item drop rate when defeating enemies.
  • Collectible Boost: Increases chance of obtaining an extra collectible when harvesting.

List of Recipes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Recipe NameMeal EffectsIngredientsDurationNopon Coin Cost
Manana’s Battle Soup5% EXP Boost
5% CP Boost
Glitter Radish x 2
Comet Carrot x 2
Bunnit Meat x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Kerfluffled Torpedo Wrap10% Enemy Gold Boost
5%Enemy Drop Boost
Tasty Sausage x 2
Powdered Wheat x 3
Kaleidoscelery x 2
Misty Asparagus x 1
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Brisky-Breezy Toastie15% Enemy Drop Boost
15% Collectible Boost
Garaffa Tenderloin x 2
Powdered Wheat x 3
Salty Cabbage x 1
Smalnut x 1
Quinini x 1
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Feisty-Spicy Zestbeans15% CP Boost
5% Collectible Boost
Milky Soy x 1
Prickle Spice x 4
Cracker Nut x 1
Crimson Moonbloom x 3
Fire Apricot x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Stringy-Wingy Veggie Leclati5% EXP Boost
15% Enemy Gold Boost
Full-Bodied Adrun Meat x 2
Bafflestripe Gourd x 2
Filling Onion x 2
Paste Bean x 3
King Marigold x 1
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Squishy-Fishy Grillwrap15% EXP Boost
5% Collectible Boost
Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2
Silverseed x 2
Clusterelle x 2
Plate Pothos x 1
Condimenut x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Well-Dressed Maktha Salad10% Enemy Gold Boost
20% Enemy Drop Boost
Compressed Ansel Meat x 4
Purple Pepper x 2
Jasper Coriander x 3
Monstrum Mango x 1
Aldae Evridae x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Mild Sizzle-Fizzle Stew20% CP Boost
10% Collectible Boost
Cured Armu Sirloin x 2
Muscat Noir x 2
Million-Leaf Dill x 3
Armored Chestnut x 1
Minionion x 2
68 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza20% EXP Boost
10% Enemy Drop Boost
Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2
Whisper Tomato x 1
Bizarrenacle x 3
Ring Guava x 1
Metamorphosage x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Saucy-Glossy Gem Lobster10% EXP Boost
10% CP Boost
5% Enemy Gold Boost
Tafetta Lobster x 1
Varicini x 3
Dream Lemon x 3
Gimme Lettuce x 2
Girder Potato x 2
93 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Creamy-Dreamy Fish Pie20% Enemy Drop Boost
45% Collectible Boost
Fatty Serprond Fillet x 3
Rainbow Boronia x 2
Babybubble Berry x 3
Neo Walnut x 2
Squeezy Lime x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Ritzy-Glitzy Saucy Vizzard30% EXP Boost
20% Collectible Boost
Thick Moramora Fin x 1
Sundialflower x 1
Ingot Carrot x 2
Relief Bean x 3
Wand Burdock x 1
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Crumblecrunch Block Bar35% Enemy Drop Boost
35% Collectible Boost
Noise Bite x 3
Skyclam x 2
Fluffy Cloud Ear x 3
Knockout Wasabi x 1
Egg Seed x 2
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Highly-Piley Ocean’s Bounty30% CP Boost
10% Enemy Drop Boost
Glowing Gyaark Fin x 2
Fatty Serprond Fillet x 2
Quality Red Krodlax Meat x 1
Dish Philodendron x 1
Galaxy Swirl x 3
76 minutes1 Silver Nopon Coin
Manana’s Battle Soup DX15% EXP Boost
10% CP Boost
15% Enemy Drop Boost
Glitter Radish x 1
Comet Carrot x 1
Transcendent Tenderloin x 3
76 minutes2 Silver Nopon Coins

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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