Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo Rewards: Materials, Class Points And More

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo Support Screenshot

You can scan up to three amiibo per day in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and it is worth spending a few minutes to do so for the rewards that you will receive.

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct had already revealed that the Shulk amiibo unlocked a Monado skin that can be used by any character using Noah’s Swordfighter class. However, any amiibo that you own is compatible with the game.

To scan an amiibo in-game, open the game’s menu (X Button), head to System and then select the amiibo option. You will be prompted to hold an amiibo to the NFC touchpoint on either your right Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which, once read, will show a progression bar on-screen.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 amiibo Bonus Screenshot

Your reward is randomised, which could see you receive bonus EXP to help you level up your characters, Class Points to raise their Class Ranks, Class Succession Points to quickly let them unlock access to new Classes, Silver Nopon Coins and more.

You may also receive a Collectibles Set, which will reward you with materials, ingredients and reagents that will appear at your feet after you close the menu. These may seem invaluable at first, but they can help you gather what you require to complete side quests or cook stat-boosting meals at a Rest Spot:

amiibo BonusRewarded Materials and Ingredients
Collectibles Set 1Glitter Radish x 2
Comet Carrot x 2
Bunnit Meat x 1
Collectibles Set 2Glitter Radish x 2
Comet Carrot x 2
Bunnit Meat x 1
Miso x 1
Collectibles Set 3Tasty Sausage x 2
Powdered Wheat x 3
Kaleidoscelery x 2
Misty Asparagus x 1
Collectibles Set 4TBC
Collectibles Set 5Cured Armu Sirloin x 1
Scarlet Lychee x 1
Razzle Basil x 2
Elegant Pummelo x 1
Skeeter Honey x 3
Collectibles Set 6Milky Soy x 1
Prickle Spice x 4
Cracker Nut x 1
Crimson Moonbloom x 3
Fire Apricot x 2
Collectibles Set 7Full-Bodied Ardun Meat x 2
Bafflestripe Gourd x 2
Filling Onion x 2
Paste Bean x 3
King Marigold x 1
Collectibles Set 8Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2
Silverseed x 2
Clusterelle x 2
Plate Pothos x 1
Condimenut x 2
Collectibles Set 9Compressed Ansel Meat x 4
Purple Pepper x 2
Jasper Coriander x 3
Monstrum Mango x 1
Aldae Evridae x 2
Collectibles Set 10Cured Armu Sirloin x 2
Muscat Noir x 2
Million-Leaf Dill x 3
Armored Chestnut x 1
Minionion x 2
Collectibles Set 11Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 2
Whisper Tomato x 1
Bizarrenacle x 3
Ring Guava x 1
Metamorphosage x 2
Collectibles Set 12Tafetta Lobster x 1
Varicini x 3
Dream Lemon x 3
Gimme Lettuce x 2
Girder Potato x 2
Collectibles Set 13Fatty Serprond Fillet x 3
Rainbow Boronia x 2
Babybubble Berry x 3
Neo Walnut x 2
Squeezy Lime x 2
Collectibles Set 14Thick Moramora Fin x 1
Sundialflower x 1
Ingot Carrot x 2
Relief Bean x 3
Wand Burdoc x 1
Collectibles Set 15Noise Bite x 3
Skyclam x 2
Fluffy Cloud Ear x 3
Knockout Wasabi x 1
Egg Seed x 2
Collectibles Set 16TBC
Collectibles Set 17Smushi Rice x 3
Glitter Radish x 2
Refreshing Piranhax Meat x 1
Soyprimo Sauce x 2
Collectibles Set 18Mottlemarble Aries Meat x 1
Lucky Marrin Thickcuts x 1
Cozy Rhogul Egggems x 1
Killjoy Crustip Meat x 1
Collectibles Set 19Jade Lobster x 1
Potatwo x 3
Amethyst Melon x 1
White Melonball x 3
Collectibles Set 20Tasty Sausage x 3
Pink Asparagus x 1
Thousand Carrot x 3
Frangible Yam x 2
Lucky Spice x 1
Collectibles Set 21Glitter Radish x 1
Comet Carrot x 1
Transcendent Tenderloin x 3

If you’re looking for more help with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we also have guides for hunting down the game’s Unique Monsters, how to approach Gem Crafting, the game’s many cooking recipes, and what carries over to New Game Plus.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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