Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Version 1.5.0 Adds Challenge Battle Mode And Auto Battle Feature

Rex Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Screenshot

Nintendo has released a new software update for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, that sees Monolith Soft’s expansive RPG now on version 1.5.0.

While the official patch notes break down the changes and bug fixes that have been made, the main addition comes in the Challenge Battle Mode for those that have bought the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass to extend their adventures in the world of Alrest.

This mode not only introduces Shulk and Fiora as new Blades but challenges you to complete battles within a given time limit. The enemies that you defeat will earn you Ether Cubes that, as you accumulate them, will reward you with in-game bonuses like unlockable costumes.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Version 1.5.0 Patch Notes

    Issues Fixed

    • The fix associated with acquiring Perun’s Key Affinity Gift intended to fix the counter for “small good deeds” applied in Ver. 1.3.0 did not completely solve the issue, so an additional fix has been made.

    Changes and New Features

    • New Unique Monster Subjugation Reports have been added.
      • Defeating a unique monster will record the time it was defeated. Subjugation reports for defeated unique monsters can be found by examining their graves, or by selecting them from a list provided by the battle auditor in Garfont village.
    • An icon will now indicate when a monster has become enraged during battle.
    • Added functionality for accessing the Challenge Battle “Nopon Summons” in the Expansion Pass.
      • Challenge Battles allow players to cross paths with Shulk and Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles. They feature a high level of difficulty but offer rewards such as new accessories, Aux Cores, and Noponstones.
      • Noponstones may be exchanged for items that slightly alter the appearance of the party characters or for Poppi’s rare parts. (These changes in appearance may not be reflected in all cut scenes.)
      • Completing these difficult challenges will grant the player key items allowing Shulk and Fiora to join their adventures in Alrest. Make sure your drivers and blades are ready before taking them on.
    • Added functionality for receiving “Adventure Support” features newly added to the Expansion Pass. Once received, the following features will be added to the game settings portion of the options menu.
      • Auto Battle:
        • Enabling this feature will cause the character under player control to use arts and blade switch automatically after engaging in battle.
      • Automatic success for Special move button challenges:
        • Enabling this feature will allow button challenges for Special moves to be skipped by causing them to succeed automatically with a “Good” rating.
      • Enemy aggression:
        • Disabling this will prevent enemies from initiating combat. (Does not apply to unique monsters, bosses, quest enemies, or salvage enemies)
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