WWE 2K19 Will Not Release On Nintendo Switch

WWE 2K19 Artwork

2K Games has now confirmed that WWE 2K19 will not release on Nintendo Switch, after the portable home console’s logo was notably absent when the returning flagship WWE game was revealed.

The news won’t come as a particular surprise, seeing as last year’s downscaled WWE 2K18 port that was met with widespread criticism – developers Yuke’s, Visual Concepts and Blind Squirrel Entertainment unable to resolve severe framerate issues that left the game in a largely unplayable state.

“WWE 2K19 will not be available on Nintendo Switch,” a 2K Games representative confirmed to Power Up Gaming. “2K is focused on making the best possible experience for WWE 2K fans and will continue evaluating all opportunities to deliver the franchise across additional platforms.”

WWE 2K19 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC worldwide on October 9th.

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