Wreck-It Ralph director hopes for Mario appearance in sequel


Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore has expressed his desire for Nintendo’s iconic plumber Mario to appear within a sequel, if granted the chance.

It wasn’t licensing issues that had prevented his appearance within the movie, which opened across UK cinemas last weekend, but that Moore never found the right scene for the Italian sensation to star in.

“Over the course of developing the story I was always looking for the perfect moment or scene to include Mario,” he explained to Digital Spy.

“But it had to be organic, it had to feel like [the scene] was made for him and unfortunately as we were developing the story and taking it to where it needed to go, that moment never made itself clear.”

Whilst Bowser appears within the Bad-Anon scenes for recovering villains, Moore hopes that if he was allowed to make a sequel he would want to ensure Mario was included.

“If we’re lucky enough to have a sequel then we’ll create that moment that’s perfect for [Mario].”

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