Wreck-It Ralph director discusses Nintendo’s input


Walt Disney Pictures are to release Wreck-It Ralph across North America on November 2nd, and for those that haven’t yet seen recent trailers for the animated film, it contains a large quantity of cameos from video game villains.

Both Bowser and Dr. Robotnik are two that feature, and director Rich Moore has discussed the level of involvement that Nintendo and SEGA had during the process of making the film.

“We did have kind of a check-in process, where we would show them (Nintendo) the footage and say, ‘What do you think? Is it good?’,” Moore explained to IGN.

“At one point, [Nintendo] said, ‘Bowser’s much bigger than that. He’s way bigger than Zangief.’ We were like, ‘Okay, we’ll make him bigger. How’s that?’ They’d say, ‘Yes, that’s good – but he wouldn’t drink his coffee like that. He wouldn’t make that mouth.’ [Laughs].

“Of course, then people from SEGA said, ‘Well, Doctor Robotnik is bigger.’ [Laughs] They wanted their characters bigger and bigger.

“We were going to end up with these giants in a room, with Ralph as this little guy… But I think that stuff really helped. I looked back on our original animation before the Nintendo notes, and it was like, ‘You know, he does look more like Bowser now.'”

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