A World of Keflings sees Wii U release in the “next couple of months”


Confirmed to be in development for Wii U early last year, developer NinjaBee have announced that A World of Keflings will see release in the “next couple of months.”

Such confirmation came from the studio’s Michael Purser in a recent post outlining their goals for 2014, in which he wrote: “In the next couple of months, A World of Keflings will make the jump to Wii U. Even now, brave Kefling explorers are sailing toward the famed land of ‘Nintendo,’ where the mighty and legendary Miis are said to rule.”

NinjaBee previously shared that porting the game to Wii U had allowed them to “significantly enhance the game’s visuals,” as well as exploring new ways to interact with the game through the console’s GamePad. Players will be in control of their Mii characters as they guide the miniature Keflings to prosperity.

A World of Keflings will release for Wii U in 2014.

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