Wondering where to watch the E3 2014 Nintendo Digital Event?

Nintendo will kick off their presence at E3 2014 with their Nintendo Digital Event today, which is shortly to take place at 9am PDT, 12pm CDT, 5pm BST, or 6pm CEST depending on whereabouts you are. They’re fairly lenient times, although instantly feel sorry for those in Japan or Australia who have to tune in beyond 1am…

If you’re looking to watch the presentation, which we hope you will be if you’ve found yourself reading this page, then there are multiple ways to do so. Namely Twitch, YouTube, or Nintendo’s E3 site itself. The Internet savvy among you will have noted we’ve linked to those respective sources, but we’ve also embedded those available below for even easier access.

Enjoy! And we’ll share the news as it’s announced.


Watch live video from Nintendo on www.twitch.tv


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