Win The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower

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To commemorate the recent release of Xenoblade Chronicles across Europe, Nintendo has announced a challenge for fans to create their own version of the Let’s Play videos produced by the company for their YouTube Channel.

Nintendo are inviting you to produce your own video by October 18th, to then be uploaded to the Xenoblade Chronicles video contest website. Whether it’s a breathtakingly beautiful area or an epic side quest you completed, Nintendo want to know what you love about the game.

As long as your video doesn’t exceed 10 minutes you’re in with a chance of winning, but do check out Nintendo’s Terms & Conditions for the competition. It is also worth noting that the minimum age for participation in the contest is 16.

Following the closing date, five finalists will be selected from all the entries at the end of October, with the overall winner to be chosen by fellow Xenoblade Chronicles fans. The winning video will then be showcased on the official Xenoblade Chronicles YouTube Channel, and the winner will also receive a voucher for both The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower.

The four runners-up will also each receive a voucher for one of the two titles of their choice. These vouchers can be redeemed with Nintendo once the games are released, ensuring that the lucky winner and runners-up will be among the first to play the games in Europe.

So, get creative!

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