WILL: A Wonderful World For Nintendo Switch Hits Retail On July 2nd

WILL: A Wonderful World Screenshot

PM Studios, acttil, and WMY Studio have announced that WILL: A Wonderful World will soon see release at retail on Nintendo Switch.

The first-print copies of this new physical edition will come with a six-track soundtrack to download for free.

In this story-driven puzzle game, you play as a young girl who wakes up in an unknown room where she is startled to encounter a talking dog, who tells her that they are both gods and must alter the fate of any humans that ask for their help.

Those characters include a quiet nerd stuck in a hopeless, one-sided crush, an impoverished artist that has lost all hope and contemplates suicide, a rookie police officer who burns with justice and hopes for his first big case, a young woman desperately chasing her dream against all odds and a stray cat that would just like some dried fish to eat.

Those changes that you make to their fates will have an impact on others, whether they are interconnected or not, and, as you read each story, your memory will return – letting you learn more about your character and her mission.

WILL: A Wonderful World is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch, and will release at retail in North America on July 2nd.

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