WiiWare Demo Service returns to Europe


Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that they are to once again release demos of the latest WiiWare titles through the Wii Shop Channel, with the first four due to be available from Friday 5th November.

The first selection of demos are as follows:
* Furry Legends,
* Jett Rocket,
* ThruSpace,
* Zombie: Panic In Wonderland.

Whilst a similar venture had been implemented before, Nintendo stopped the service after a brief period. However, things have changed and the company now states that they are to make demos available on a regular basis in an “on-going” service.

Needless to say, this offers the perfect opportunity to try WiiWare titles before you make your purchases, and a move that Nintendo should have taken a while ago to help support the largely Indie developers.

Each demo, however, will only be available for a limited period of time until the list is refreshed to accompany new additions to the WiiWare library.

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