Wii U sales surpass 3 million units, software reaches nearly 12 million

satoru iwata1

Nintendo have today announced their third quarter financial results, revealing that the Wii U has achieved global sales of 3.06 million units since launch.

The company had previously targeted to sell 5.5 million consoles by the end of the financial year, yet lower than expected sales throughout the Christmas period have seen them having to slash this estimation to 4 million.

The Wii U install base is divided as such: 1.32 million in North America, 900,000 in Europe, and 830,000 in Japan.

Software sales within the financial year had been predicted to reach 24 million, yet estimations were also slashed to 16 million with sales having reached 11.69 million to date.

Games that have sold successfully include first-party titles Nintendo Land (2.33 million) and New Super Mario Bros. U (2.01 million).

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