Wii U sales soar in Japan throughout December


The game’s afoot, as Nintendo can celebrate healthy Wii U sales within their home country throughout December. Whilst not as dramatic an improvement to immediately turn around the console’s fortunes, they startingly grew from the lacklustre 28,518 consoles shifted in the final week of November.

The week ending December 8th saw sales improve to 48,762 consoles, then 72,903 a week later, continuing to reach 109,113 units in the week preceding Christmas. That success continued, with 79,174 consoles sold the next week, amounting to 309,952 consoles finding new homes throughout the month.

It’s certainly positive news, considering that Japan is now noted more for its affinity with the handheld market – the 3DS achieved sales of 748,318 in December, with the PS Vita similarly seeing a sales boost even if it didn’t reach such dizzy climbs.

So things are looking up in Nintendo’s home turf, they just need to maintain that momentum with a steady stream of first-party software to retain consumer interest.

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  1. WiiU is by far the most most and innovative system on the market today. I have been a playstation owner in the past and played xbox and from a personal stand point I have to say both Microsoft and Sony consoles are just so boring to play. Nintendo do their own thing and are not followers or copy cats unless the so called competition.

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