Wii U Encountering Stock Shortages In Japan


Nintendo has been seemingly caught by surprise at consumer demand surrounding Wii U in Japan, with strong sales in winter seeing many retailers suffering stock shortages and, in some cases, even being entirely sold out.

The console is only available from third-party sellers on Amazon JP, whereas electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera and rental shop chain Tsutaya have completely sold out.

Consumers in Japan have even taken to social media sites such as Twitter to share their observations relating to the lack of stock on retailer shelves.

Even with news regarding Nintendo NX looming, the company will be pleased to see such renewed demand and will immediately move to ensure that new stock is delivered from their suppliers. Software sales in 2015 outpaced those seen the previous year, such successful momentum largely attributed to Splatoon and Super Mario Maker.

In Japan, Nintendo continues to have Wii U hardware bundles with Super Mario Maker and Genei Ibun Roku #FE with a new Pokkén Tournament bundle set to arrive in March.

[Thanks Perfectly Nintendo]
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