Wii U controller officially named Wii U Game Pad


Nintendo has shown off the final version of the Wii U tablet controller officially naming the device, the Wii U Game Pad.

The Game Pad, shown off by Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata during the company’s pre-E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast, is similar that leaked by a Traveller’s Tales employee just weeks ago.

According to Iwata, the name came from the NES and it’s original game pad.

Iwata made mention of the new dual analogue sticks which are akin to those seen on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 including clicky buttons. Nintendo decided the original Circle Pad design was better suited to portable devices.

The rear of the Game Pad and button layouts have been tweaked for comfort.

Both gyro and motion sensors will be built into the controller as well as the Near Field Communication input, which is located under the d-pad are will work with “cards and figures”.

A TV button has also been worked into the design allowing gameplay from the TV to be transferred to the Wii U Game Pad.

During Nintendo’s broadcast, both white and black versions of the Game Pad were shown.

The Nintendo President also stressed that Wii accessories would be compatible with the Wii U citing the Wii remote, Nunchuck, and Balance Board as examples.

A screenshot of the Wii U Game Pad can be found below:


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