Wii sells 232,000 units across US within October, showing decline of 54%


The latest NPD sales report for October has revealed that just 232,000 Wii consoles were sold within the US, IndustryGamers report, falling behind figures for Nintendo’s competitors for the month.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was able to sell 325,000 units, whereas Sony’s PlayStation 3 was able to shift 250,000. Such figures show a year-on-year decline for the Wii of a drop in 54%, with the PS3 also falling by 22% in comparison. Sales of the Xbox 360 were, however, up by 30%.

In comparison, software sales weren’t much better with figures being down by 36% to $32 million, and DS software sales also falling by 32% to $23 million. However, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 software sales were up by 44% and 17% respectively.

Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter has commented that the Wii is “continuing to struggle due to gamer fatigue and a lack of high-profile releases,” yet the strong line-up ahead of Christmas will hopefully lead to a successful period for the company.

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