Why Are So Many Gamers Pre-Ordering Nintendo Switch?

Okay, so this may seem like quite an odd question for us to ask, but considering the negative press Nintendo Switch has received since its announcement, it’s a relevant one. The current lack of launch games, short battery life and expensive accessories have all been called into question, and yet many retailers were quick to sell out of pre-orders for the console.

It’s clear that plenty of gamers are big fans of the Switch and are counting down the days until its March release. We decided to ask our readers what their main reasons are for pre-ordering.

“I’ve Wanted A True Home Console With Portability For YEARS”

It’s no surprise that the ability to pick your home console up and take it with you is a big draw for many Nintendo fans. While the 3DS is a fantastic portable system with a huge variety of games, it’s not anywhere near as powerful as Nintendo Switch, nor does it offer the same local play capabilities.

Fans told us they are looking forward to playing with the console in bed, on the train and even when their partner is busy watching the TV. Nintendo Switch really is perfect for our modern lifestyles, especially those of us that work full-time – when was the last time you had a good few hours to play something at home? A portable home console would allow those gamers to get through their ‘pile of shame’ quicker, as you won’t have to wait until the living room TV is free (or your partner is out) to play.

“I’m Excited To Have Almost All Nintendo Games On One System”

A console can be as fancy as you like, but unless it has great games it isn’t worth buying. While the launch line-up may seem a little light, gamers are excited about what’s to come. Around 50 third-party developers are set to produce various games for the console, while favourites from the Wii U, such as Mario Kart 8, are being updated and re-released on Nintendo Switch.

The new Legend of Zelda tops the list of most-wanted games for Nintendo Switch, but other notable mentions include Bomberman, Splatoon 2, and Super Mario Odyssey.

“I’d Love To See How My Kids And I Can Play Stuff Together”

When home consoles were in their infancy, the concept of online gaming didn’t really exist. If you wanted to play with a friend, you’d have to go round to their house, taking your controller with you. Ever since the explosion of online gaming, local multiplayer has taken a back seat. If you like to play games with your partner or children, you’ll find your choice is rather limited.

Nintendo Switch seems to want to revive the good old days of playing together, as it boasts that up to eight players can connect to one console. With PS4, you’re limited to just four controllers. Xbox One also supports eight controllers, but you’ll have a tough time finding many eight-player games. Nintendo’s marketing for Nintendo Switch shows gamers taking their consoles out and about and playing with others, so let’s hope that it’s a positive indication that there are plenty of local multiplayer games on the way.

“I’m Excited By The Prospect Of A New Direction For Consoles”

There’s no doubting that PlayStation’s and Xbox’s consoles are fantastic in their own right, but every time a new one comes out you know exactly what you’re getting. Nintendo is always pushing for innovation – the Wii was a revolution when it entered the console market. Although Wii U wasn’t anywhere near as successful, it hasn’t stopped Nintendo from offering something the market has never seen before. And it’s clear that gamers are ready for it.

Have you pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch for a different reason? Please let us know in the comments!

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