Whipseey And The Lost Atlas Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Whipseey And The Lost Atlas Logo

Blowfish Studios and Daniel Ramirez have revealed that Whipseey and the Lost Atlas will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

This whipping and swinging retro platformer stars a young boy called Drew. After discovering a magical book, he finds himself in the bright and colorful Whipseeyland where he transforms into Whipseey.

With help from Princess Alyssa, this pink, whip-wielding hero must recover magical orbs that contain the power that’s needed to return him home.

Your quest will see you whip or jump on the enemies that stand in your way, or, when faced with an impassable chasm, you can hold down the jump button to use the whip as a helicopter to slow your descent. Swing points can them be used to fling Whipseey from one far-flung location to another.

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 28th priced at £4.99 ($5.99).

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