Where to find every Empty Bottle in Majora’s Mask 3D


If you have come up short in searching for the seven Empty Bottles rewarded throughout The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, allow us to help!

– Empty Bottle #1
This one’s story-related. Kotake will send you into the Woods of Mystery with a Bottle of Red Potion, which, after her sister Koume wolfs it down, will allow you to keep the Empty Bottle.

– Empty Bottle #2
Once you’ve bested Woodfall Temple and purified the surrounding swamp, head to the Swamp Tour Center in Southern Swamp. Here you can play Koume’s boat tour game, and, if you shoot 20 or more targets you will receive an Empty Bottle as your prize.

– Empty Bottle #3
At Romani Ranch, help Romani defend the barn from “them” during the Night of the First Day and she will reward you with a Bottle of Milk. Gulp it down, and the resulting Empty Bottle is yours to keep.

– Empty Bottle #4
Winning the Goron Races will reward you with a Bottle of Gold Dust. If you visit the Smithy in Mountain Village, they will reforge your Kokiri Sword as the Razor Sword. Beyond this, handing them the Bottle of Gold Dust will not only upgrade it to the Gilded Sword, but leave you with another Empty Bottle.

– Empty Bottle #5
Adventuring to the Waterfall Rapids by using the Hookshot to climb the southern edge of Zora Cape, will allow you to take on the Beaver Brothers in the Beaver Falls Race. Win twice, and another Empty Bottle will be yours.

– Empty Bottle #6
For your sixth Empty Bottle, you will have to bring some Mystery Milk to Gorman the Troupe Leader who is located in East Clock Town’s Stock Pot Inn. Speak to him by 12pm on the Second Day and you will be tasked with retrieving the Mystery Milk from his brothers on Milk Road, after which you have two minutes to return it to him before it goes mouldy.

– Empty Bottle #7
This last Empty Bottle relies on you delivering the “Special Delivery to Mama” to Madame Aroma in East Clock Town’s Latte Milk Bar by the Night of the Final Day. As an added bonus, it’ll also be filled with a rare milk called Chateau Romani.

The delivery can be received from the Curiosity Shop owner, who you will find in Kafei’s hideout – in the Laundry Pool – during the Final Day.

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