Whaling Simulator Essex: The Whale Hunter Coming To Nintendo Switch

Essex: The Whale Hunter Screenshot

Ultimate Games and 3T Games have revealed that Essex: The Whale Hunter is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This single-player-focused whaling simulator will see you set out on “a high seas adventure filled with emotions and realism” across the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Set in the 19th Century, you play as a whaling ship captain responsible for recruiting your own crew and performing maintenance on your vessel before starting to search and hunt for whales – trading the resources that you gather from successful hunts.

“In Essex: The Whale Hunter, players will embark on a unique journey through a world that no longer exists,” explains 3T Games CEO Rafal Jelonek. “The bulk of the action will take place on the Atlantic, but we will also visit the island of Nantucket, which could be described as the Wall Street of 19th-century whaling. Herman Melville’s masterpiece serves as our main inspiration during development, and we’re striving to properly capture the unique nature of this multi-dimensional novel.”

Essex: The Whale Hunter will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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