Westboro Baptist Church Wages War On Clefairy In Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO has quickly become a cultural phenomenon in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, the free-to-play augmented reality app’s runaway success leading to heartwarming stories flooding social media.

An unexpected and somewhat unwilling participant in the fascination surrounding the smash hit app is the controversial and obnoxious Westboro Baptist Church, known for preaching hatred at anyone that doesn’t want to listen.

While the app has been available for little under a week, players have noticed that the church is listed as a Gym, and, after a player claimed it, is now defended by a Clefairy called ‘LoveIsLove.’

The news wasn’t met well by the church, who have since “recruited Jigglypuff to deal with the sodomite.” Whether their battle is taking place in-game or is a social media stunt is unclear, but their choice of Pokémon won’t be particularly super effective…

“We recruited Jigglypuff to deal with the sodomite loveislove Clefairy for us,” the church wrote on social media. “Fag Pokémon are a sign of the end: every *imagination* of their hearts are only evil continually. EVERYTHING, real or virtual, enables proud sin in America. That’s a sign of DOOM!”

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  1. I do not own tis game but just might buy one just to piss them off… LOLOL what a group of fruit cakes… stale been passed around and tuff to swallow..

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