We Dance launch trailer jives in


Nordic Games have collaborated with two of the music industry’s leading video producers to create the live-action launch video for We Dance, due to release on September 2nd for Wii.

Rob Chandler and Chris Brown, who have previously worked with artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode and Pendulum, used their productions skills to produce a artistic, fun, energetic and captivating trailer that utilises an innovative rotoscoping production effect.

“Before shooting the We Dance trailer we brainstormed ideas and were inspired by the avatars used on the packshot,” said Rob Chandler. “As a result we decided to create realistic dancing silhouettes in the launch video. This style naturally linked to other iconic ‘silhouette’ moving images, so we set about creating our own unique take on it.”

The trailer perfectly demonstrates We Dance’s unique gameplay modes whilst also showcasing the talents of professional dancers from the world-renowned Bird College.

“On the day of filming we had pre-mixed four songs together and made preview videos that matched the choreography from the game,” adds Chris Brown. “The mix was played back to the dancers as we filmed multiple takes of each song; this gave us a wide variety of shots for the final edit. We also used a lot of in camera shaking techniques to connect the energy and movement of the dancers to the shots. This gave the footage a more human feel rather than adding it in afterwards.”

“These videos are a fantastic way to engage with the We Dance audience and showcase the depth of the game in a fun, energetic and highly visual environment,” comments Nik Blower, sales and marketing director at Nordic Games. “Using the production talents of Chris and Rob, we know that we will be providing a series of videos that our loyal audience will find engaging, informative and ultimately highly enjoyable.”

You can catch the launch trailer below:

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