Watch The Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 Live!

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Get your body ready as there’s not long to go now until today’s Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational 2019 starts, and you may be left wondering where to watch it.

Held at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, the tournament will see four special guests – The Completionist, Abdallah, thedragonfeeney, and Yellowkillerbee – compete in chaotic courses that have been created by Nintendo’s Treehouse.

There will be three rounds to the tournament:

Round One
The four players will each compete in timed speed runs.

Round Two
Players will split into teams of two and work together to complete the course. The winning team will move onto the Finals.

The remaining two players will face off in three objective-based mini-courses and one final course to determine the champion.

You can watch it in all of the usual places, whether that be Twitch or YouTube, but we have embedded Nintendo’s relevant streams below for you to tune in. Enjoy!

E3 2019 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center between Tuesday 11th – Thursday 13th June 2019.



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