Watch Splatoon’s new Splash-o-matic weapon in action


Nintendo have unleashed another free weapon in Splatoon in the Splash-o-matic, which Ammo Knights owner Sheldon describes as “a weapon specialised for highly accurate barrages!”

The rapid-fire ink-splurging weapon will set you back 3900 coins, and I’ve found is a more precise alternate to the Aerospray MG.

“It’s a little lacking in power, but it can paint the ground rapidly, letting you quickly fill up your Special Gauge,” Sheldon warbles. “Then with the Bomb Rush Special weapon, you rain down Suction Bombs upon yours foes! Fun, yes?”

The Splash-o-matic joins Kelp Dome as the new additions this week, as part of Splatoon’s steady content roll out.

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